The first online smart application in Egypt and Middle east to track and manage your energy consumption
Introducing wattsee

Track your Energy like a boss

Why Use wattsee
Key features to manage your energy use
Track & Control your energy

Know exact power level you are consuming in real time anywhere , anytime & from any device

Stay updated on your usage & cost

See up to the minute information and instant breakdowns of your electricity usage down to daily levels

Save money and energy

See when, and why the power usage is peaking. Change your usage behaviour to save both money and energy

Get higher tier approach alerts

Get notified when your usage hits 70% of your current tier. Manage your consumption in time & avoid high tariff tiers

Get latest tariff information

Get updated tariff plans when rates are revised. Get accurate estimated costs in home & business applications

Live green & help the environment

Do your bit for the environment by reducing your energy usage to reduce your carbon footprint

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